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Hollywood is the new News…are we all watching or reading Channel Zero?

Hollywood is the new news. By nation19 magazine / APDTA

Is Hollywood the new News? Are we watching made up entertainment instead of real reporting of facts? Earlier this month we dropped our new magazine (Nation19 Magazine issue #4) with an exclusive interview with CIA whistler blower Michael Ruppert. We were blocked in every possible angle to delete or completely drop the story. We even […]

But what about Iron Eyes Cody? The Controvesy of Pharrell’s ELLE cover #APDTA

While reading all the hype about Pharrell Williams wearing a Native American headdress I started to think…but what about Iron Eyes Cody? Did you know that the Indian Chief we all cried with on TV back in the days was not an indian let alone a Chief? If there was and outcry from his acting […]

Check out how this sister (Lupita Nyongo) is showing the world that black is still Beautiful. This video might make you cry. APDTA

Lupita Nyongo with Oprah is showing the world that black is beautiful, again APDTA

The Kenyan Actress and Film Director Lupita Nyongo is showing the world that black is beautiful, again. Her powerful performance in Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave brought her the 2014 Critics Choice Awards against some heavy competition. The last couple of years has been a small shift in Hollywood with new Black Directors, Filmmakers, Producers, and […]